Can you sweat without smell after exercise? The secret is

Can you sweat without smell after exercise? The secret is

2022-01-18 05:20

Let's recall first. When you sweat while exercising, it doesn't seem to taste.


But when you are sweating and wet at the end of your exercise, there begins to be a strange smell on your clothes and your skin.

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Why? The truth is, "sweat" itself does not stink. The cause of odor is the bacteria on our bodies and clothes! After absorbing the nutrients of sweat, they reproduce wildly, produce a large amount of excreta, and then emit a peculiar smell. Yes, you heard right. Your body will be full of bacterial excreta, excreta


Here are some solutions to the odor problem:


1. Take a bath after exercise, wash away the sweat on your body, and don't give bacteria a chance to reproduce. But you should pay attention to that you can't take a bath at the first time when you're sweating after exercise. Be sure to rest and adjust for more than 20 minutes before washing. Because just after training, the pores are wide open. Taking a bath directly will reduce the body's immunity and increase the risk of catching a cold.


2. Wear antibacterial sportswear and antibacterial socks. Especially the feet with developed sweat should choose quick drying sports socks containing silver fiber. Yes, the silver with the silver ring on your hand. Silver fiber can effectively sterilize bacteria and avoid body odor.

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The invention patent ZL201611072677.1 independently developed by Beijing Risheng Socks industry is a new antibacterial fabric r-silver, which is mainly made of silver fiber and other functional fibers. It is a high-tech product obtained by permanently bonding a layer of pure silver on the fiber surface through special technology. This structure not only keeps the original textile properties of silver fiber, but also endows it with extraordinary antibacterial and odor resistance. It can be used by astronauts and field troops for a long time without washing and odor. It is also very suitable for special situations such as outdoor hiking for many days.

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According to the use scenarios and needs, the unique patented technology R-silver can be woven with Coolmax blended fiber to effectively solve the problems of perspiration and foot odor during long-term outdoor sports. Silver fiber itself is also an all natural material, which can prevent radiation, antistatic, strong deodorization and strong antibacterial.


Antibacterial and bactericidal mechanism of R-silver fiber


R-silver fiber is a textile silver fiber made of "pure silver". It not only has the soft and tensile function of precursor, but also has the effects of antibacterial, deodorization and temperature regulation. It is an effective combination of natural elements and modern science and technology. The mechanism of metal silver sterilization is to use the very high biological activity of silver ions to solidify the proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane, so as to block the respiration and reproduction of bacterial cells, so as to completely kill bacteria without the toxic and side effects of general chemical products.

feet friends healthy sock 

Moreover, the warmer and wetter the skin and clothing environment, the stronger the activity of silver ions. Therefore, silver fiber fabrics are very suitable for close fitting underwear and socks; It can promote the natural discharge of moisture through the fiber and accelerate the movement of moisture, that is, accelerate the evaporation of sweat, decompose and discharge the sweat secreted by the skin and increase the sense of comfort; It can eliminate static electricity and absorb electromagnetic waves harmful to human body.


The antibacterial ability of silver ions in R-silver fiber is amazing. A few milligrams of silver per billion can purify 1kg of water. Ordinary antibiotics can eliminate six different pathogens, while silver containing antibiotics can eliminate more than 650 pathogens. This characteristic of silver material was widely used in medicine more than 2000 years ago. The ancient nobles also favored silver tableware.

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If you are a person who pursues quality without necessarily pursuing famous brands, you can try underwear containing r-silver fiber, compressed sports underwear, socks, etc. after the experience, I believe you will have a different feeling!

Beijing Risheng Socks Co., Ltd. is a professional feet friends healthy sock factory, who supply antebacterial socks. Beijing Risheng Socks is a functional feet friends healthy sock manufacturer

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