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Socks Quality Control

Socks Quality Inspection
100% overall inspection, each piece of socks has been rigorously checked through four processes of knitting, toe-linking, ironing and final quality control, so that 100% inspection will be done before the socks leaving the factory. 

01. Color Management

The same batch of same color yarns provided by qualified suppliers is managed by dyeing cylinder number. After arrival, the colors are checked according to the color book. When the yarns are distributed to the workers, the same color with the same dyeing cylinder number should be used. The yarns of different cylinder numbers must not be mixed.

02. Knitting and Quality Control

The worker is responsible for inspecting the socks, including checking the stretching sizes and the quality of the socks. If there is oil, it needs to be transferred out to do treatment.


03. Toe-linking and Quality Control

Check for missing needles and poor knitting. If the pattern of the socks is complicated, the threads cut automatically by the knitting machines are too long, a specially cleaning machine will be used to ensure the threads are short enough. 


04. Strict placement for 24 hours

After the sock has been ironed, it must be placed for 24 hours before the final quality control or other additional process can be performed in order to avoid the size shrinkage. 

05. Final Quality Control

Checking the colors, size and quality of the socks. For example, the socks have anti-slip, embroidery, heat transfer, etc. it is necessary to check whether all the details of the workmanship are consistent with the approved samples and ensure there is no missing inspection. Then make the socks into pairs.



06. Packaging Accessories Check

The packaging accessories will be distributed to the workers strictly based on the approved sample to do the packaging.

07. Metal Detection before Packing

After the packaging is completed, the socks should go through a professional needle detector to detect the absence of metal substances in the socks, and then pack them into cartons after the detection is good. 


08. Carton Inspection

Check the shipping marks on the outercarton, such as the item number, color, quantity, carton number, etc., whether they match the socks in the carton. Then the delivery will be arranged.

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