Do what Sun Yang cannot, the three of them are good! Can we continue to bring surprises?

Do what Sun Yang cannot, the three of them are good! Can we continue to bring surprises?

2023-07-27 05:20

Individual competitions emphasize individual strength, while relay competitions measure the overall ability of the participants. For the Chinese swimming team, the number of gold medals won in the Olympics and World Championships in the past was quite limited, and they could count them clearly with both hands, and were only limited to women's events.

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For quite a long time, Chinese men's swimming has been weak in the world arena. In the past 10 years, Olympic champions and world champions such as Zhang Lin, Sun Yang, Ning Zetao, Xu Jiayu and Wang Shun have emerged successively. However, they either do not match their swimming style or do not match their swimming range, which makes it difficult for them to form a joint force in the relay race.


There is an interesting phenomenon that Sun Yang won a total of 14 gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships, all of which came from individual events. There are 14 world champions, a large number of which are all individual events. It is rare in China's sports world. In my impression, except for Zhan Xugang of the weight lifting team, it is difficult to find a third person for Sun Yang. To clarify, Sun Yang has also won medals in relay events at the Olympics and World Championships, but only a bronze medal.

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Now, the world's top experts such as Qin Haiyang, Xu Jiayu and Pan Zhanle have emerged in the breaststroke, backstroke and Freestyle swimming events of the Chinese men's swimming team. Several experts have gone hand in hand, making the Chinese team finally have the ability to win gold in the mixed relay and men's relay events. On July 26, Qin Haiyang, Xu Jiayu and Yan Zibei (in the preliminaries) jointly won the gold medal in the men's and women's 4x100 meter Medley swimming relay, which enabled them to surpass Sun Yang in the relay event and, more importantly, fill an important space for Chinese men's swimming in the world's top competitions. Congratulations!

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In two days, Qin Haiyang and his teammates will compete in the men's 4x100m Medley swimming relay. Can they bring a surprise again?

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